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Lock Of The Day

Todays lock of the day is the Atlanta Braves 0. The Atlanta Braves are playing the Washington Nationals at SunTrust Park. If you were to wager $0 on the Atlanta Braves then you would win $100. We recommend placing your wager at

Toronto Blue Jays Defeat the Boston Red Sox (10-4)

The Toronto Blue Jays beat the Boston Red Sox (10-4). The Blue Jays were on the road playing at Fenway Park.

This season the Boston Red Sox have won 8 out of their last 14 against the Toronto Blue Jays. The Boston Red Sox is currently 3-4 at...

Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox

The Toronto Blue Jays are on the road today playing the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. The forecast at gametime is going to be Partly Cloudy and 79 degrees. Taking the mound for the Boston Red Sox is Eduardo Rodriguez. Coming into todays game he is 10-4...

DFS 10 Day Trends Boston Red Sox

Andrew Benintendi, Left Field
Average FPTS: 12.00
July 06, 2019 versus Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park 30.00 FPTS
July 15, 2019 versus Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park 16.00 FPTS
July 16, 2019 versus Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park...

DFS Recap July 16, 2019

Yesterday's DFS Scoring leaders included players from the Boston Red Sox. Here is the complete list.

Boston Red Sox:
Xander Bogaerts 26.00 FPTS
Mookie Betts 15.00 FPTS
Josh Taylor 9.25 FPTS
Brock Holt 9.00 FPTS
Michael Chavis...
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